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Radtronics Technologies Inc. together with the world-leader manufacturers of Radiation Monitoring Equipment; Chemical Detection Analyzers; and Security, Industrial and Medical Imaging Devices, aims to provide high-end systems for Security, Customs, Military, Scientific Police, Industrial, Medical and Research application fields. Moreover, the company is focused to its products and services in radiation safety, security, imaging, industrial non-destructive testing, elemental analysis and material identification to address the evolving and challenging demands in the Philippines and Southeast Asia market industry.​

CBRN Threats

CBRN Threats are real! Our products  have assisted the scientific police, military, and firefighters detect these radiological, and chemical threats.

SECURITY Screening

We offer the most comprehensive, safe and user friendly body scanners with proven reliability and effectiveness. Our x-ray screening products are unmatched in the security market.



We have supplied several dosimeters and survey meters for Industrial, Mining, Petrochemical and Airport Security applications.​


RESEARCH & Medicine

We extend our products and services to universities, research centers, hospitals for Educational, Health Physics, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, and Radiology applications

Featured Products

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